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5 May 2020 - Server back to normal!

Hello, today we had to test some things because of lags which were on WoDBO, we have everything we need and we will continue to work on improvements which can help on stability of the server.
For now we fixed some memory leaks and we changed autoloot to "use on corpse" mode.
We are not 100% sure if this will help for good, but from what we have seen it helped a lot and there were no lags in last phase of tests.

We are very grateful for your participation on test. Due to server was unable to play for 3 hours everyone got +3 premium days and you will be able to use special exp boost with command "!expboost-compensation" [This command can be used 3 times and will give you 2 hours of exp boost each time].
Once again sorry for inconvinience and have a good time on WoDBO!
WoDBO will be running again in 40 minutes since this news have been posted. [7 PM UCT+1 [PL TIME]] Regards, Support

16 Apr 2020 - WoDBO v3.0

  • WONO
  • DBKO