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Money for rent will be taken from your depo automaticly every week.
Remainder will apear next day if you didn't have money in depo, and day after that you will lose your house and items from your house will be transfered to your depo.
House I72340 golds0.72 goldsRented by Paraskevidekatriafobie (FACC)
House II84400 golds0.84 goldsRented by Aszterius (FACC)
House III120536 golds1.2 goldsRented by Xerox (FACC)
House IV120540 golds1.2 goldsRented by Voldemort (FACC)
House IX2084 golds0.2 goldsRented by Operator Przekopu Lemon Lambo (FACC)
House Street I2188 golds0.21 goldsRented by Badrock (FACC)
House Street II1876 golds0.18 goldsRented by Babko (FACC)
House Street III84344 golds0.84 goldsRented by Knser (FACC)
House Street IV84344 golds0.84 goldsRented by Envy (FACC)
House Street IX24100 golds0.24 goldsRented by To Chodz (FACC)
House Street V84340 golds0.84 goldsRented by Nino (FACC)
House Street VI84348 golds0.84 goldsRented by World Destroyer (FACC)
House Street VII24100 golds0.24 goldsRented by Kuroko (FACC)
House Street VIII24100 golds0.24 goldsRented by All The Luv In My Sick Heart (FACC)
House Street X24104 golds0.24 goldsRented by Sorry Morsuje (FACC)
House Street XI48220 golds0.48 goldsRented by Panchito Banana (FACC)
House Street XII48240 golds0.48 goldsRented by L E N T O (FACC)
House Street XIII24100 golds0.24 goldsRented by Duze Pe (FACC)
House Street XIV24100 golds0.24 goldsRented by Morawiecki (FACC)
House Street XIX35148 golds0.35 goldsRented by Kocham Chleb (FACC)
House Street XV24104 golds0.24 goldsRented by Miki (FACC)
House Street XVI24104 golds0.24 goldsRented by Xofix (FACC)
House Street XVII25104 golds0.25 goldsRented by PersiVald (FACC)
House Street XVIII25104 golds0.25 goldsRented by Dbo (FACC)
House Street XX35152 golds0.35 goldsRented by Mudzin (FACC)
House Street XXI35144 golds0.35 goldsRented by Hikaru Nakamura (FACC)
House Street XXII35144 golds0.35 goldsRented by Lolek (FACC)
House Street XXIII35144 golds0.35 goldsRented by Danonino (FACC)
House Street XXIV42172 golds0.42 goldsRented by Dalek Dende (FACC)
House Street XXIX48204 golds0.48 goldsRented by Katabum (FACC)
House Street XXV42184 golds0.42 goldsRented by Koishiteru (FACC)
House Street XXVI48204 golds0.48 goldsRented by Weedzao (FACC)
House Street XXVII48200 golds0.48 goldsRented by Lipezera (FACC)
House Street XXVIII42172 golds0.42 goldsRented by Go To Sleep (FACC)
House Street XXX30124 golds0.3 goldsRented by Tinkerbell (FACC)
House V25116 golds0.25 goldsRented by Motomoto (FACC)
House VI25112 golds0.25 goldsRented by Niebrzyd King (FACC)
House VII25104 golds0.25 goldsRented by L A D E Y (FACC)
House VIII25104 golds0.25 goldsRented by Motto Hayaku (FACC)
House X2084 golds0.2 goldsRented by Drejki (FACC)
House XI1564 golds0.15 goldsRented by Sweet Lolipop (FACC)
House XII1572 golds0.15 goldsRented by Operator Przekopu Steryd (FACC)
House XIII2092 golds0.2 goldsRented by Dymydz (FACC)
House XIV2088 golds0.2 goldsRented by Vushex (FACC)
House XIX28116 golds0.28 goldsRented by Fuutarou Uesugi (FACC)
House XV1564 golds0.15 goldsRented by Franiula (FACC)
House XVI1568 golds0.15 goldsRented by Ferras (FACC)
House XVII28116 golds0.28 goldsRented by Hayakea (FACC)
House XVIII28116 golds0.28 goldsRented by Dansa (FACC)
House XX28120 golds0.28 goldsRented by Buu'powah (FACC)
House XXI28116 golds0.28 goldsRented by Qkzoo (FACC)
House XXII28116 golds0.28 goldsRented by Sergio Minetti (FACC)
House XXIII28120 golds0.28 goldsRented by Mucha (FACC)
House XXIV28128 golds0.28 goldsEmpty
House XXIX2088 golds0.2 goldsRented by Pantene (FACC)
House XXV28116 golds0.28 goldsRented by Konopia (FACC)
House XXVI100404 golds1 goldsRented by Sheldon Lee Cooper (FACC)
House XXVII100436 golds1 goldsEmpty
House XXVIII2084 golds0.2 goldsRented by Pablo Escobar (FACC)
House XXX2084 golds0.2 goldsRented by Triipii (FACC)
North House I54328 golds0.54 goldsEmpty
North House II42204 golds0.42 goldsEmpty
North House III42260 golds0.42 goldsEmpty
North House IV168884 golds1.68 goldsEmpty
North House V144816 golds1.44 goldsEmpty
North House VI28164 golds0.28 goldsEmpty
North House VII54308 golds0.54 goldsEmpty
North House VIII7313972 golds7.31 goldsRented by Grim Reaper (FACC)
West House I30124 golds0.3 goldsRented by Krizz (FACC)
West House II42172 golds0.42 goldsRented by Lucifer (FACC)
West House III42188 golds0.42 goldsEmpty
West House IV42180 golds0.42 goldsRented by Meliodas Was Here As (FACC)
West House IX30124 golds0.3 goldsRented by Crow (FACC)
West House V34144 golds0.34 goldsRented by Peremhks (FACC)
West House VI29120 golds0.29 goldsRented by Anabolyk (FACC)
West House VII30124 golds0.3 goldsRented by Cronos (FACC)
West House VIII30124 golds0.3 goldsRented by Silver Crow (FACC)
West House X56232 golds0.56 goldsRented by Pichulotote (FACC)
West House XI63268 golds0.63 goldsRented by Razer (FACC)
West House XII63260 golds0.63 goldsRented by Soy Feos Por Naturaleza (FACC)
West House XIII34144 golds0.34 goldsEmpty
West House XIV36148 golds0.36 goldsRented by Xony (FACC)
West House XIX42180 golds0.42 goldsEmpty
West House XV36152 golds0.36 goldsRented by Undineth (FACC)
West House XVI36152 golds0.36 goldsEmpty
West House XVII42172 golds0.42 goldsRented by Burlok (FACC)
West House XVIII42172 golds0.42 goldsRented by Cappa Pro Chuj (FACC)
West House XX209888 golds2.09 goldsEmpty
West House XXI74300 golds0.74 goldsEmpty
West House XXII48252 golds0.48 goldsEmpty
West House XXIII2041020 golds2.04 goldsEmpty
West House XXIV95504 golds0.95 goldsEmpty
West House XXIX24120 golds0.24 goldsEmpty
West House XXV40216 golds0.4 goldsEmpty
West House XXVI30124 golds0.3 goldsEmpty
West House XXVII60256 golds0.6 goldsEmpty
West House XXVIII60248 golds0.6 goldsEmpty
West House XXX48240 golds0.48 goldsEmpty