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25 Mar 2023 - WoDBO v7- Closed

WoDBO v7 will be closed on 1 April 2023.
All PACC will be frozen.

New season is in preparation!

WoDBO Support

15 Dec 2022 - WoDBO Giveaway Event

6 Dec 2022 - Changelog

- All characters are meele fighter now. (ki blasting working for all characters but much less damage).
- 400 lvl Wave are available now with higher exhustion.
- All characters have new transformations for 600, 800 and 1000 level.
- All characters have now "rage" technique.
- There are now 9 special techniques, you can choose one of them from NPC at level 200 and you can't change it. There were also a lot of changes in special techniques.
- We have added new OTClient with working spellbar, more sqm wiev and working BOT.
- All special outfits have been changed/added/removed -> we are going to make 2 special for all characters.
- There is new Mafuba Power Core system. Take a power core from 300 lvl MVP and power cores will give you atribute like equipement and it is for 200+ level.
- ToP event now requires 3 member teams instead of 4.
- All events have been tested and fixed.
+ MAP:
-Rework Hope City.
-All hope city spawns buff.
-New spawns in hopy city with tanks, elementals, androids, soldiers, namekjins, majins.
-New oozaru spawns in Vegeta.
-More spawns with janembas in south of bone key.
-New spawns in heaven with oozaru, shenrons, soldiers, future androids and cyborgs.
-New chests with goku armor, cell helmet, bardock armor, tao pai pai helmet.
-New spawns in m2 and buff old spawns

9 Nov 2022 - WoDBO v7

6 Jun 2022 - WoDBO v6 Trailer